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Summer season

Krušné hory form one of the longest mountain ranges in the Czech Republic, over 100 km in length. The vast majority of places in perfectly accessible by mountain bike. Go to the peak of Klínovec /you can use the chair lift/ to take advantage of newly prepared bike trials of various lengths and difficulty levels.

Local asphalt roads are also suitable for in-line skating.

To all lovers of hiking, we recommend visiting the highest mountain of Krušné hory, Klínovec /1244/ and the lookout on top of the highest mountain of Saxony, Fichtelberg /1214/. Did you know that these two peaks may be linked by a skyline cableway in the future?

Another local attraction is the romantic rocky peak Meluzína, nature trail Božídarské rašeliniště (peat moor), the Baby Jesus trail /not only/ for children , Blatenská rozhledna (lookout) with Vlčí jámy, Měděnecké Sfingy, Jelení vrch by the Přísečnice water basin, and electric-power wind mills.

Krušné hory are the ideal place for the lovers of picking mushroom and fruits of the forest.

In hot summer days you can seek refreshment at the natural swimming pool at Perštejn, outdoor aquapark in Klášterec nad Ohří, and, most of all, Kamencové jezero (lake) in Chomutov, where you surely won’t get bored.

Sport centrum Klínovec /6km/ hires bikes and off-road scooters in summer.

Horse riding is available in the nearby area of the Oáza (Oasis) Ranch / domestic animals farm /, as well as hunting of deer, fallow-deer and mouflon.

Winter season

Ski areál Klínovec /6 km/ – popular skiing centre at 1244 m above the sea level. 8 ski-tows, 6 km of skiing slopes of all difficulty levels, snow technology, children’s ski-park, snowboard park, snow tube, hire, service, refreshments.

Boží Dar /10 km/ – busy skiing centre with state border crossing. Popular children’s area NOVAKO, classes in extreme snow kiting, and, most of all, countless croos-country skiing tracks including Bauer’s circuits.

Skiing centre Fichtelberg /11km/ – popular German centre, slopes of all difficulties.

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